Let's make music!

Moozart is a barnyard-themed music app that makes creating and learning about music fun and simple for kids of all ages.


making mini maestros.

Children can easily create and save their own songs by dragging familiar, colorful animal icons and placing them on a musical staff. Making real music has never been so fun and simple!

I am an elementary music teacher, and this is a great fun app for kids to get into staff writing. The rhythmic and melodic accuracy can really help kids get a handle on music creation. My kinder and 1st grade classes love it.
— Bakerbear, App Store Review

and the beat goes on.

Moozart comes with preloaded songs familiar to kids and parents. Or, children can create never-ending variations from scratch using their own creativity—guaranteed to provide hours of fun.


music to parents’ ears.

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get moozart!

Your kids will squeal and laugh as they play and learn about musical principles while creating endless music variations with Moozart.